Items to Keep in a Handy Roadside Emergency Kit

Safe driving is important with heavy traffic on the roads. Everyone wants to make their work commute or their vacation drive uneventful and free of incidents, but sometimes you fall victim to a roadside emergency that has put your vehicle out of commission. There are some definite things you need to keep in a roadside emergency kit:

A first aid kit for any illnesses or injuries to yourself or family members

Jumper cables in case your battery runs dead, and you are needing a boost

A flashlight or another emergency light source in case your vehicle breaks down during the night

A charger for your cell phone so that you will be able to contact emergency crews or someone else who can help

Fresh drinking water and some small food items

Roadside flares to alert other drivers that your vehicle is out of commission

A gas can

These are just a few items to help keep you safe. Also remember that if you are going out of town for the weekend or going on a long road trip, and you haven’t had your vehicle serviced in a while, come down and see us at Reed Chrysler Sales in Beaver Dam, WI, and we can do a thorough inspection of your vehicle.

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