Speed As A Safety Measure

How many of you have given thought to speed limit signs, other than the number posted? Have you ever wondered why they post the numbers they do? For example, on city highways the speed limit may be 55 miles per hour, while on rural interstates, the limits are either sixty-five or seventy-five.
These limits are based in part on how safe it is to drive at or under that limit. While highways are meant for faster, uninterrupted travel, within city limits there is going to be a great deal more vehicles around you as well as entrance and exit ramps to and from that highway.
Those are factors that were considered when deciding what the speed limit should be. Other vehicles that are merging in and out of traffic, which is moving at a high rate of speed, is a safety concern for all, so 55 miles per hour is both a useful and prudent speed that was decided upon with safety in mind.
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