Now that the time has come for you to consider selling your old car, we encourage you to get an estimate for it online using our free Kelley Blue Book trade-in form at Reed Chrysler Sales. Right now, our staff looks to buy used cars worthy of adding to our inventory; also, we accept all makes and models, even non-FIAT-Chrysler cars. After you sell us our trade, we can either cut you a check to take with you, or you can apply the amount to a down payment on another new or used car. Sell us your car today here at Reed Chrysler Sales! You will find us conveniently just a half-hour outside Sun Prairie here in Beaver Sam, WI.

A Great Offer for Your Old Car

With the recent microchip shortage, used cars are in demand now more than ever, so we can make you a great offer for your old car. Using the Kelley Blue Book form, you can enter the 17-digit vehicle identification number, your license plate number, or the individual details about your car (year, make, model, trim). From there, the form assesses your car's current market value, according to its demand on the open market and its condition. The dollar value you receive for your trade can then be applied to cover the first couple of new car payments. However, if you need the money elsewhere for other important expenses, you can take the check we give you with no strings attached.

Depending on the newness and uniqueness of your vehicle, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised at how much it will save you when financing a new or used car. When we take possession of your old ride, our service team will assess its outstanding repair needs. They will then perform all need repairs with genuine manufacturer parts, give it a thorough cleaning, and put it up for sale in our used inventory.

Sell us Your Car Today

With the current high demand for used cars, we will pay you top dollar for your used car here at Reed Chrysler Sales. Use our KBB form and sell us your trade today to learn more. You will find our dealership on N Sporting St in Beaver Dam, less than 20 minutes outside of Columbus, WI. See you soon!

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